Death and the Tower

Death and the Tower card combination

If you sit and try to imagine what might be the two worst possible card combinations that you might not want to see I think you might pick the death and the tower card being drawn together..

Most tarot readers I know say that they never, under any circumstances predict death, and particularly so if they draw the death card. Most tarot card readers will tell you that the death card means “change” and it does not necessarily pertain to actual physical death.

Yet death does happen. If we are to believe that the tarot can predict an outcome of an event then why would it not predict the outcome of death as much as anything else?

While drawing the death card does not usually mean death, it seems to me that it is the most appropriate card to show up if that is the likely outcome of the event, so I am not going to tell you that the death card does not mean death.

What I will say is that it does mean change. It is not the same kind of change that you see in the tower however. The death card is a permanent, burn-your-bridges kind of change. Everyone knows that when one dies, they seldom come back from the dead. That is as permanent as it gets.

The kind of change symbolized by the death card is an inevitable kind of change. It’s message is, “change is necessary,” or “change is imminent.” This change, what ever it is, cannot be avoided; it can only be delayed.

The tower is also a card that means change. The tower’s change is also necessary and imminent. If you have drawn these two cards together you are getting a very strong message!

I imagine in most cases the tower would probably be drawn first and then the death card would follow. In this order the cards tell a story of the reason for the ‘death’ event. Perhaps the tower has fallen because it was built a on shaky foundation and the law of unintended consequences has finally caught up with the situation.

The death card following the tower sends the message that there is no way to salvage the situation. You cannot stop the tower from crumbling, and the death card is telling you to accept the inevitable, so you best just get out of the way and let it come down.

In the rare incidence of the death card being drawn first and the tower following, a different story seems to emerge.

The death card represents a change that has taken place, and could be or is probably unrelated directly to the status quo represented by the tower. As a result of that ‘death’ event, a premature crumbling of the tower could be the outcome.

For example, if the reading is about a company or corporation, it could mean that the head of the corporation leaves or dies, or even runs off with a boat load of money, and the result of that could be that stock holders loose confidence, and pull their shares resulting in the failure of the company.

If you accidentally draw the death card and the tower at the same time, that is when you ‘melt’ them together. Melting them together means that you see them as a single card and extract a meaning from that.

These two cards, melted together as one, have a very strong message. They tell you that a major change is imminent and there is nothing you can do about it.

This change has come about as a result of a long list of causes over a period of time that have all lead to this outcome. Bridges are burned. There will be no going back.

I will not say that this does not mean an ‘actual death’ because it could. (It would not be the one being read, nor would it be you if you are reading for yourself, but it may be someone in your life.) This is just one of many possibilities.

Change is change and it happens all the time. Some changes cannot be avoided. The two cards together most certainly mean “imminent unavoidable change.”

The only time these cards might come up and NOT mean “imminent and unavoidable change” is for someone who engages in worry and wild imaginings and reads for them self too often. Sometimes in cases like that, the cards will simply show you what you are thinking. (In a case like this, there would probably be a lot of swords showing up also, particularly the nine and ten of swords.)

In conclusion, these two cards shout out: “imminent unavoidable change.”

Meaning of the Death and the Tower card drawn together.

Imminent unavoidable change.”

6 Responses to “Death and the Tower”

  1. terry says:

    I drew the tower and death card in a keltic spread, the tower crossed by the death card. there was also the 10 of swords in the spread. Can not remember the other cards. I thought it represnted my dad who passed away a few weeks later; then in January 2nd 2011 our house caught fire, my self and my son managed to escape not by jumping, I got out of the upstairs window on to the roof to help my son and my partner get down, I lost my footing and my son fell forward I managed to pull my son in to my arms and fell from the roof hitting the ground with my son on top of me. If she had come to window to see if we was alright then things would have been different. My poor partner Frances was trapped in side the upstairs of the house with our two dogs. She never screamed or cryed out for help I seen her at the back window when she was over come by smoke. Frances was a really nice, kind and thoughtfull person and knowing her she would not leave the two dogs. I have so many questions and looking back over the events which lead up to this tragic accident. I hope it does’nt sound wicked, it does seem that this was meant to happen. One day I hope all will become clear.Your thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated. Regards Terry

  2. Gloria Jean says:

    I am sorry for your loss and very glad that you survived. It is not clear how soon after your reading the house fire happened. The readings could very well have been pointing to the events in your life including your father’s death and the house fire. For certain, the cards are pointing to the current energy in your life that brings forced change. This reading and these events themselves are screaming at you that change is needed. This could mean that the change needed is a change that is within you. Examine how these events have changed you and your life. What will you feel and do differently? What are you thankful for? How will these events change you and your life? It is time to feel gratitude that you survived and that your son survived. These events are meant to be a turning point in your inner life. Will you make that turn? You must evaluate and assimilate what you have learned and what changes are needed. Think of it as a spiritual journey or an awakening. How will you awaken? How will you yourself be changed? The changes indicated by the Tower and the Death card together are needed changes and they are permanent changes. It is up to you to mold them into positive changes rather than negative ones.

  3. terry says:

    Gloria Jean,thank u for your comments, within weeks of the reading, what I do feel within myself is determination and strengh to get through this. Of course I,am grieving for my partner and asking myself why this as happened and thankfull my son survived this tragic event. I will say again I beleive this as happened for a reason!It is like starting all over again what I did,nt mention in my first comment was my business also went up in flames as well, all of the companies records were lost but slowly the customers are phoning me so all is not lost at the moment.Its like the phoenix rising from the ashes!I don,t know if you can give me an answer to why this happened? If you can that would be great if not I will understand. My birth date is the 22/07/1956. kindest regards Terry

  4. Gloria Jean says:

    The reasons for the energy of the tower and the death card in one’s life are always so very complex that there is no way anyone can know them specifically, especially at the time of the event. There are many things to be learned in the face of adversity and you would be wise to pay attention to what transpires. A lot of what happens next will depend on your own reactions, attitudes and actions.

    However the underlying reason for these events and this energy is spiritual in nature and has to do with your own spiritual growth towards love and gratitude. It is an event designed to open your heart and your eyes. It may not seem that way right now, but you will see this is true eventually.

    Time is of the essence and the severity of these events is telling you that change is needed as soon as possible. Whatever has prevented you from the change you needed in the past is now being stripped away from you. You are being told to start over, not only with your material life but your inner spiritual life as well. This is your wake up call and it may be your last chance to wake up and realize what is really important in life.

    That’s my take on it anyway.

  5. Anna says:

    I drew the Tower and the Death card in a tarot reading for the first time one year ago and this combination of cards has repeated itself several times since then. What makes me believe in the power of the tarot is that I one moth ago got diagnosed with a chronic illness, which has been making me very ill for the past 5 months. I do not think this is a coincidence and I am a bit disappointed with my tarot consultant who did not warn or inform me to take better care of myself. I guess he did not want me to worry about future unavoidable events, but sometimes I wonder if I could have done anything to avoid or delay the illness if he only had warned me.

    I hope this does not happen to anyone else! Take care!

  6. Shalanna says:

    Hi Anna! Sorry that you are ill. I’m sure that there is something you can do to help yourself–and I will pray that you find it soon.

    I asked the Tarot whether our family will get to go to a convention in California in March that I’ve been invited to. I got the Tower as “what is going for you” and then as the outcome Death. As “what goes against you,” I got the Hanged Man. Those are the WORST CARDS POSSIBLE. Suppose that means we will not get to go, or that if we go, we’ll have a large change? Sigh. I wish I hadn’t even done that reading!!

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